This is just a place for me to share some of my kinks, and air my fantasies... Oh, and perhaps the occasional picture or video of me too!

“So Jenny, then what I do once he’s fully erect is I just gently rub my thumb in circles right under the tip of his penis, like this…  You have no idea how sensitive that spot is for a man, it’s like your clit, just incredibly sensitive.  I’ll rub him like this for about half an hour.  It’s the easiest way to drain a penis without an orgasm.  It isn’t enough stimulation for him to orgasm, but it will push him past his point of no return again, and again, and again, and again!  After 30 or 40 minutes of this, you can have a grown man crying and begging you to stop, with a big puddle of cum on his belly and dripping off his balls, and his penis still hard and desperate to orgasm.  There are plenty of other ways to drive a man to that point, but this is the easiest, and every woman should master this technique before she moves on to more advanced ones.”

I do enjoy T&D stories :)
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    Babygirl had this perfected, she would never tease me to long with it but she always concentrated on that spot with her...
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    I’m willing to work on this with someone!
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    Gotta try this.
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    omg yes….that’s where I rub to tease myself (typically while browsing tumblr)
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    Sounds like fun I’d love to be on the end of this treatment.
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    I need a test dummy pls
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    This is the spot I would rub with the curve of my finger when I gave him handjobs, and the spot that my tongue would...
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    I am so game…..Lucy get over here…or any other woman
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